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City Aluminium offers several options in window tinting for a range of uses including solar heat reduction, UV protection, privacy, safety and security, aesthetic purposes, decorative applications, and heat retention. Tinting the glass with a dark or reflective film provides an easy solution to regulating the amount of heat and UV radiation that enters a room by reflecting solar heat energy. This not only saves on cooling energy bills by reducing heat absorption inside the home, it also minimises the fading of furniture and carpet.

Tinted glass aluminium windows and doors have had a film or coating material applied to them which reduces the transmission of light. Various types of tints can be applied which block and/or reflect different amounts of light and solar UV exposure as desired. There are also decorative and aesthetic benefits in using tinted glass on buildings as it hides/ filters indoor activity which makes the exterior appear more uniform. By using tinted films with patterns, tones, and/or colour, the possibilities to produce distinctive and aesthetically pleasing volumes and structural effects are endless.

Two-way mirrored windows and doors are also produced through tinting by applying a thin reflective mirrored tint film to the surface. This is beneficial where one-way observation is required such as in interrogation rooms or hiding surveillance cameras. Another common tinting application is the frosted effects in which the glass usually has a light green or white translucent ambience; other colours can be used as well. This effect is widely used to soften glass structure, create a private space within a glazed space and to create screens and partitions within a space.

With the variety of colours, tones, patterns and surface treatments, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating visually stunning effects through the use of tinted glazing on your aluminium doors and windows.