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City Aluminium offers several options when selecting your glazing for your aluminium windows and doors; these range from safety focused to thermal efficiency through to aesthetic and privacy applications. Toughened/ tempered glass is ideal for use in buildings for unframed assemblies (such as frameless doors) or structurally-loaded applications. It is 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass and ideal for any other application that would become dangerous in the event of human impact as it shatters into small cubes rather than large spikes.

Toughened glass is made by heating and rapidly cooling float glass which produces high compressive stresses within the glass. Heat strengthened glass has a lower residual stress than toughened but is twice as strong than float glass and resistant to thermal breakage. If broken, it will break into large pieces as it is not a safety glass; however is it made safer by lamination and often used in laminated form as an alternative to toughened glass.

E-glass or glass coated with a low-emissivity substance reflects radiant infrared energy, encouraging radiant heat to remain on the same side of the glass from which it originated, while letting visible light pass. This often results in more efficient windows because radiant heat originating from indoors in winter is reflected back inside, while infrared heat radiation from the sun during summer is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside.

There are a range of secondary processes that can be applied to glazing such as tinting and laminating. Likewise, and alternative to single glazing is double glazing which produces many desirable qualities.