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Aluminium doors produce a clean, crisp, modern and streamlined entry/ exit point to any room or space.  Slim and compact profiles of door frames, sashes and fittings are achievable through aluminium’s strength properties. City Aluminium doors frames are precision built with quality processes implemented to ensure smooth operation, perfect finish, weather tightness thermal efficiency. Add to this the fact that the aluminium is powder coated and so doesn’t require sanding and painting; is dimensionally stable so it will not warp; and comes with a 3 year warranty, aluminium doors are clearly the next choice for your project.
Doors are available in four categories; hinged, sliding, bi-fold, and stacking. Selecting the most suitable door type or combination for your requirements will be influenced by the:
  • amount of ventilation/ air flow they permit
  • environment in which they are being used
  • desired aesthetic impact and requirements externally and internally
  • available space for the door frame structure and openings
  • design style through the use of glass and aluminium – and also other materials
Transform or create an extraordinary space through the use of City Aluminium’s modern and streamlined aluminium doors and glazing that is aesthetically stunning, functional and contemporary. Please navigate through the door styles to view samples of each.