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City Aluminium can manufacture windows and doors using double glazed glass panes. The construction comprises two glass panels mounted within the same sealed frame but are separated from each other by a volume of air (or non-toxic gas) about 10 - 20mm thick.

The benefit of this is that the volume of air between the glass panes acts as an insulating medium against noise and heat transfer.This means that double glazed windows and doors will keep the heat out during summer and maintain the heat inside during winter. This will save you money on air conditioning costs both cooling and heating.

In doing so, it also reduces your carbon footprint through reduced energy wastage as less is required to heat or cool your space, and therefore fewer CO2 emissions are produced.Double glazing is also a great sound insulator which makes it ideal for applications where peace and privacy are concerned such as in schools, meeting/ conference rooms, medical clinics, noisy streets, neighbours, factories, high wind zones and more.

If you live in a fire prone area, it is almost crucial that you use double glazed windows and doors as they offer superior protection over conventional windows.During a fire, the outer pane of glass often cracks but remains in place which protects the inner pane of glass, and hence the occupants inside.

City Aluminium can manufacture your double glazed doors and windows at a competitive price that is not that much more than single glazing and the cost saving benefits through less energy consumption outweighs the initial extra outlay.We are now also able to offer triple glazed glass if required, just ask.